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Trifolium Lab

Trifolium Lab is a founder-first marketing and advisory studio in order to meet the increasing demand for the service, founded by a group of Web 3 enthusiasts and founders that has proven track records and passion to empower our real world with blockchain, supported by advisors from different sectors in the industry. Trifolium Lab aims to be the reliable partner for our clients in the way of pursuing future.

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Industry User Cases

Fine Arts

Tokenization improves the liquidity and accessibility of artworks, and protect its provenance.

Collectible Wine

Tokenization not only significantly reduces the friction but increases the efficiency in trading.

Tokenizing various rights of real estate maximizes developers’ cash flow and lower the investment barrier for investors.

Real Estate

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& Advisory Services

Marketing Services

We provide holistic marketing plan including but not limited to content marketing, social media, community marketing, growth marketing, product marketing and public relations.


Our team and advisors will help our clients to design tokens that guide users towards a shared goal. These tokens offer features like representing ownership, ensuring alignment, providing incentives, and granting access rights.

Web 2.5 Consulting

We design feasible proposals for traditional industries who aims to utliize Web 3 to empower their businesses and create synergy in this fast-growing digital era.

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